State of the Art PERSONAL Security Systems by Moyer

We believe that each home has special needs and that every homeowner has different requirements. This is why our Moyer Security Experts come to your home and evaluate your special needs. We're local and we've built a long standing, 50 year reputation of quality service for homes. We know your area and the risk factors in the neighborhood. Security for your family and property should not be left to a One-Size-Fits-All solution. We have specialized expertise, designed for your property. Be sure to take advantage of our personalized in-home evaluation today.

  • Integration with other Moyer services
  • Automatic security alerts
  • 45-second emergency response time
  • Temperature and water monitoring
  • Same day service
  • Top-quality components from industry leader Honeywell
  • And much more


Contact us today at (215) 799-2011 and one of our trained professional can answer all your questions.




Quick, courteous, efficient & informative, this company has it all. Excellent service!"

Dan W., Manager
Bethlehem, PA